Escape (Parkinson’s Paradisi)
In and Out of the Garden, 2010 - 2012

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Mixed media on panel: Japanese paper, drypoint, relief, stencil, acrylic, oil and wax.

The drawings in this suite refer to John Parkinson’s 1629 book of garden plants found in England, Paradisi in sole Paradisus Terrestris, recognizing them as escapes naturalized in Canadian fields. Where Parkinson’s first garden manual describes the name, the place, the time and the virtues of newly collected and native specimens, my images re-present what is familiar. I re-use my repertoire of historic pattern stencils to echo the growth and form of the plants identified. Colour in this work comes from a synaesthetic response to the recognition of the plants in Parkinson’s monochrome woodcuts. A further return to the garden/field is evoked by the aroma of beeswax that emanates from the work.

 Reading the Field

   Washi Monoprints, 2008
   Installation at Visual Arts Centre of Clarington, Ontario, 2010


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The work in this section builds from my collection of printed tone, colour, and texture on Japanese papers from previous work. Although the information I am using constitutes a history of my print practice and visual study over time, the original context is gone. New compositions are not a continuation of previous collections, but are redefined in their new context with newly collected information.

  Installation at A.K. Collings Gallery 2008
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Bocage (Fern) Bocage (Windblown) Bocage (Embroidered Bird)
Derby Shepherdess Chelsea Swoon Bocage (Foliate Meander)
Dispersal Derrida's Field  

 Another History


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  Installation- Loop Gallery

   Loop installation


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