Botanica is a collection of historical-looking nature prints on handmade Japanese paper (Mura Koban). Seen as part of a larger herbarium, these fragile imprints are seemingly illuminated and preserved in solid, but arcane ‘books of study’ in the accompanying Botanica Folio. 2015 images reference familar/exotic trees identified near my studio in Mexico. I plan to continue this collection with plants identified at specific residencies in Canada and elsewhere.

Botanica, 2015, relief ‘nature print’ on Mura Hoban. 13.5”x16.75” (33 x 43cm)

Botanica-Azadiracta indica (Neem)

Botanica-Moringa oleifera (Moringa)

Botanica-Persea americana (palido) (Avocado)

Botanica-Persea americana (oscuro) (Avocado)

Botanica-Carica papaya (palido) (Papaya)

Botanica-Carica papaya (oscuro) (Papaya)

Botanica-Delonix regia (abierto) (Tabuchin)

Botanica-Delonix regia (cerrado) (Tabuchin)

Botanica-Senna alata (Candlebush)

Botanica-Terminalia catappa (Sea Almond)

Botanica-Azadiracta indica (small) (Neem)

Azaridacta indica (Neem Pair)

Morinda citrifolia (Noni)

Bauhinia variegata (Orchidia)

Spathodea campanulata (Flame of the Forest)

Folio Botanica

Folio Botanica (preserved), 2015, relief nature print on shoji natural, plaster covered birch panel and beeswax. 16” x 20” (41 x 51cm)

Folio Botanica-Neem (pair)

Folio Botanica-Plantas Medicinales (preserved) (Senna and Sea Almond)

Folio Botanica-Aguacate a Papaya (preserved) (Avocado and Papaya)

Folio Botanica-Facile de cultiva (preserved) (Papaya and Avocado)

Folio Botanica-Fruitas Familiares (preserved) (Mango and Papaya)

Folio Botanica-Por Salud (palido) (preserved) (Neem and Avocado)

Folio Botanica-Por Salud (oscuro) (preserved) (Neem and Avocado)

Folio Botanica-Neem (oscuro)

Folio Botanica-Por Salud (preserved) (Senna and Sea Almond)

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