Content Hope

content hope

Content Hope is an ongoing window project in my storefront studio in Port Hope. The main street shop window is labelled with the requisite historic font mandated by this19th century tourist town. Is Content Hope a store, a gallery or a studio? It changes quarterly with new interpretations of Content and Hope from naturally inspired biscuit tins, to stones, floral china shards, to animal figurines. The project explores ideas about collections and content concurrently with other studio work and receives feedback from walkers on the street day and night. An artist statement accompanying each installation is posted on the door with response cards and pencil for comments below. One day I’ll do an installation of the collection of comments slipped through my mail slot...

How do we intone content? What can it mean? How do we see and experience hope?

Suggestions for other window installations dealing with collections, content and hope are always welcome.

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 Shadow Field
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The Content Hope Window featured Shadow Field January 20-March 29, 2009.  Drawn in Mexico in December 2008, this  98”X 98” white draped piece is covered by pierced drawings of local summer field flowers. In the Content Hope Window it appeared from a distance as another field of white snow. Only on closer viewing did it reveal its white shadow memory of a summer field.

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