Updated Fall 2016

We have recently arrived at our home for the next few months in Mexico! We are working hard trying to get some control over the growth that has occurred in our absence and are completing needed renovations. I have begun working in my studio here with three new wetmounts in the Botanica series.

Mexico November 2016 photos here

Tangled Garden (south) 2016
(India ink on plaster on birch panels, 72”x72”)

Tangled Garden

Tangled Garden continues my exploration of the universal ideal of paradise as a perpetually blooming garden that includes, however fraught, personally familiar and desirable species. Inspired by the 16th century Augustinian cloister frescos in Malinalco Mexico, the completed southern section (2016) depicts introduced and native species in my southern Mexican garden. Malinalco’s unusual grisaille cloister program was based on Renaissance print and tapestry designs, and painted by indigenous artists who included both native and European species. Using local Ontario species, I am currently working on a design for the northern section representing a Canadian paradise. Eastern and Western walls will be completed in the future.

Tangled Garden refers to the1916 painting by Group of Seven artist J.E. H. MacDonald in the National Gallery of Canada. MacDonald painted his Vaughn garden as a tangle of native and non-native species. He combined Art Nouveau linearity in the sunflower’s curve with Post-Impressionist colour and brushwork that the Group championed for the Canadian wilderness. Tangled Garden seems an apt descriptor for a contemporary Canadian paradise with a mix of native and non-native species that is never very far away.

Click here for Tangled Garden

The Popular Nature Project continues . . .

Currently on display in the
Port Hope Studio Window

Engine Gallery
32 Walton St, Port Hope.
(416) 992-5282

In May 2016 the Gibson Girls explored Pelee Island and Point Pelee during the Spring bird migration. We had a wonderful week hiking, peering at and photographing birds and newly emerging wildflowers, as well as discussing our various art projects from morning to night. As always our time together was refreshing, enjoyable and inspiring!

Click here for photos of the Gibson Girls on Pelee Island, 2016

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