Updated May 2019

Join me in the creation of a constantly changing Cabinet of Critical Mass Curiosity!

May 11-June 9, 2019
Critical Mass: A Centre for Contemporary Art
The Little Station Gallery
15 Elias St., Lent Lane
Port Hope, Ontario

Opening May 11, 11-3 p.m.

What do we choose to save-even when it is broken or no longer useful? In May, I offer Port Hope an intimate treasure chest, a possible collection, a proto-museum, a Cabinet of Critical Mass Curiosity in the Little Station Gallery.

Everyone is invited to be a treasure hunter, an archaeologist, an artist and a curator and search through a mountain of ceramic discards choosing pieces of ephemera to save in the ever-changing display on the shelves lining the gallery.

What do you collect? How do you choose? What gives ephemera value? Are you attracted by shape or colour? Maybe you recognize something from your past. It may remind you of a person, a time, a place or experience. Or maybe something just says “pick me”. What’s your story of finding, breaking and saving? Add your story to my growing collection of stories about collecting ephemera.

Throughout the exhibition there will be many opportunities to explore the idea of choice and collection.

May 11 Exhibition Opening: 11-3

Critical Mass-ive Tea Party
Enjoy a special cup while enjoying the show!

Mother’s Day Treasures- drop-in workshop
Choose a shard and create a keepsake for mom.

It’s a Critical Smash at the Lucky Midway Ticket Booth!
Have you been hanging onto that broken or chipped cup, plate or inherited gew-gaw you just don’t know what to do with? You used to love it but now it only takes up space. It may hold memories. It may have been a gift. It may have once been important to you or to someone else, but not now. Bring it in, tell us its story and enjoy the cathartic pleasure of smashing it in the name of Art in our Lucky Midway Ticket Booth. Add your shards to the pile for curious others to explore, or reimagine something new yourself.

May 25 Liz’s Birthday Bash and Smash 11-3

Celebrate with me and enjoy another Critical Smash at the Lucky Midway Ticket Booth!

June 1, 2 Doors Open Northumberland

Interesting ephemera is found in Port Hope from ceramic shards and porcelain doll parts unearthed while gardening, to newspaper fragments discovered between walls, to weather- worn lost pet signage. Bring your objects to display and share your stories of finding and saving this ephemera.

Facebook: Critical Mass Art: Port Hope


Updated January 2018

My work is included in the exhibition “Designing with Printed Art” curated by interior designer Kate Zeidler January 12, 2018 – February 10, 2018 at Open Studio, 401 Richmond St. W Toronto.
Other artists in the exhibition are Shogo Okada and Tammy Ratcliff.

I participated in 2/Edition with Open Studio at the Toronto Art Fair October 27-30 with my new prints Woodland Collection.

View all Woodland Collection images here

Critical Mass: A Centre for Contemporary Art, Port Hope held a very successful community Mini/Mega Printmaking Event September 23 and 24. Many thanks to an amazing volunteer board who worked with an Ontario 150 grant and many local sponsors and volunteers to produce the event. I ran trials with Scott Eunson Woodworking in Toronto to use cnc cutting for four of the woodcuts. It worked beautifully! I also worked out the logistics for the steamroller printing and oversaw the production of eight mega prints during the weekend. It was exhausting but fun! My image relates to my ongoing Tangled Garden project and references 19th century tapestry and wallpaper design imagining an ideal Port Hope garden forever flowering and fruiting.
Here are some photos of the Mini/Mega Printmaking Event:

Ready to re-ink Liz block

Training OCAD students to ink my mega-block

My team laying paper

My team laying foam and plywood

Matt drives steamroller over block

Lifting my megaprint

Moving wet megaprint to drying table

Liz megaprint on table

Liz: Megaprintmaster!


Content Hope window with Port Hope Paradise (fall winter 2017)


The Gibson Girls spent two glorious weeks on the Avalon Peninsula of Newfoundland hiking, taking photos, watching whales everyday, eating delicious fish and chips, talking art and life and as always enjoying each other’s company. Many thanks to Gibson Girl Jane Steenberg for sharing her Pouch Cove home with us. We were smitten. Here are some photos from our trip

Click here for photos of the Gibson Girls in Newfoundland, 2017

Mexico 2017-18
I’m back in my southern winter home until April. Here are some photos of the constantly transforming garden.
mexico jan 18Click here for more photos


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